Data Networks from Vocus are built for your business.

Dark Fibre

Vocus Dark Fibre is your fully dedicated fibre-optic point-to-point connection. It provides solutions that are both cost-effective and future proof giving you the choice of which transmission technology you want to use and the flexibility to upgrade and change.

Dark Fibre gives you complete control and unprecedented security with a dedicated physical connection between you and your mission critical data and applications.


Vocus Ethernet brings you high performance, end-to-end layer 2 connectivity between your business locations. Vocus Ethernet is how smart businesses connect one office to another for 100% of their bandwidth and total reliability.


Vocus IP WAN is an easy-to-manage wide area network that connects more than just your people; it also converges key ICT services, such as Internet or Cloud Connect. This Self-Managed service provides you with all the benefits of a national MPLS network whilst maintaining control of your own communication hardware.

Cloud Connect

Vocus Cloud Connect offers flexible connectivity options to best suit your business needs. Connection to your chosen cloud providers is available over either Vocus Ethernet or Vocus IP WAN.

Wave Length

Vocus Wavelength services deliver premium performance and low latency site-to-site connectivity, offering extensive interstate and local coverage.