Over the years, some of Bizquip’s growth has come by way of purchasing the client base of other I.T. organizations. What we’ve found, is that there are many times where an I.T. Professional ventures out on their own to be their own boss, only to find out that running the business got in the way of their true passion – working with technology.

Keeping clients happy, keeping employees happy, and taking care of the admin. duties (billing, collections, wages, etc.) associated with running a business ends up consuming most of your time.

If you are an I.T. Consultant and you’ve got a list of clients that you take care of, but would rather focus on the technical side of the business, Bizquip may be the place for you and your clients. In some instances we’ve purchased a company’s client base, and the owner of the company came to work with our team along with their staff. In other cases, we’ve purchased the company’s client base, and the owner decided that they wanted out of the I.T. consulting field, but wanted to earn something for their client base.