IT Outsourcing Perth and Melbourne

IT Outsourcing for Australian Businesses

With today’s technology complexities, security vulnerabilities, and the need to scale up or down Businesses and Schools can no longer depend on individual employees to handle their IT infrastructures. To ensure their computer devices, Internet access and IT networks are all operational and totally secure, Businesses and Schools today require the services of a reliable IT outsourcing Provider.

Did You Know?

Outsourced IT support can save your Perth or Melbourne-based Business and School as much as 40% vs. using internal IT employees. According to a recent Computer Economics study, organizations lead others when it comes to outsourcing their information technology. Why? — Cost savings. The average cost savings for organizations that use IT outsourcing services is 40%. This is good news for Businesses and Schools that operate under constrained budgets.


BizQuip Solutions can offer the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down for your Perth or Melbourne-based business. You won’t be caught short if you need to quickly expand you’re your IT infrastructure.

Outsourcing IT support to BizQuip Solutions also allows you the ability to focus on your Business or School administrative functions rather than IT worries. With tight budgets and limited resources, you have the flexibility of choosing basic support services, such as help-desk services, and add more advanced functions later as your budget allows.

Plus consider that BizQuip Solutions can also be an extension of your IT staff if you already have one, as opposed to acting as your entire offsite department.

Comprehensive, Up-to-Date IT Expertise

When using our IT outsourcing in Perth or Melbourne, you have the expertise of a team of professionals rather than just one or two in-house employees. Our professionals are continually trained and certified on the latest technologies. If you outsource, you won’t have to spend time and money training an employee. BizQuip Solutions pays for their employees to be trained and certified in many proficiencies.

Better IT Management and Support

Many Business and School administrators don’t even know what an IT employee does, so they can’t effectively supervise what they are or aren’t doing. With us, you have a contract to back the service we provide. Managing IT staff isn’t easy if you don’t understand and keep up with the latest technologies.

Reduced Costs

Using our outsourced IT support is less expensive than hiring even one IT employee. An in-house Engineer will cost you on average at least $80000 a year, typically more than paying for a service. This also removes the expense of recruiting, hiring, and costly benefits that you would have with an in- house employee. With our team of professionals, you also have a contract to ensure your costs are always predictable and comply with your budget.


We will provide 24/7/365 coverage for Perth and Melburnian businesses, so unlike an in-house employee, illnesses, vacations, family issues and holidays won’t disrupt the management of your system.


When an organization tries to handle these services in-house, they typically have a much longer research, development, and implementation time. All of these not only increase costs but can also slow down your operational processes.


BizQuip Solutions continually and remotely monitor and backup your Melbourne or Perth IT system. With the new hybrid and private clouds you can have a system that is protected and accessible from anywhere 24/7/365, and is totally encrypted and secure. This ensures your IT system is up and running, even during a power outage or any disastrous situation, preventing work downtimes.

With the use of Wi-Fi and computers there’s always a risk that someone will tap into unsuitable Internet content and use devices to chat or communicate with friends. BizQuip Solutions will help you mitigate this risk ensuring filters and software are installed at a high level on your Internet to block harmful material.