Virtualisation, cloud computing, and new outsourcing models have enabled more capabilities that Organisations can utilise to respond to the business, market and IT demands. This trend is making the organisations more agile, responsive, robust and competitive. Bizquip Solutions can help with your ICT Infrastructure solutions and projects so that you can take control of IT costs, enhance robustness and scalability, strengthen security measures, enhance user satisfaction and productivity.

We take a three staged approach to the Infrastructure services that is manageable, cost effective and has minimal impact on the business:

Stage 1: Understand

We start with interviewing key stake holders in the business to gather business goals, directions, constraints and requirements. A brief assessment of the current infrastructure is performed to identify the gaps and challenges.

Stage 2: Assess & Analyse

Any recommendations that come out of the initial assessment forms a basis of the overall ICT standardisation and consolidation plan. Virtualisation and Cloud Computing models are discussed and pros and cons are discussed with the key stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the plan are taken into consideration. A plan of action is then created and submitted to the customer.

Stage 3: Report

This is the implementation and commissioning stage where the organisations can fully utilise Virtualisation and Cloud computing benefits and respond to increased/decreased demand for resources and infrastructure.