it data recovery in perth and melbourne

Secure IT Backup Services in Australia

Don’t wait until a crash to secure your files. BizQuip provides IT backup and recovery to Melbourne and Perth businesses. Data can be lost through system crashes, fire, flood, and human error. Protect your greatest asset before it’s too late.

Data Recovery Services

An effective and thoroughly tested IT Disaster Recovery Plan is essential in the longevity of any business. That is why we offer reliable IT recovery and backup in Melbourne and Perth. These services ensure that your business can respond to and recover from any disaster situation. We utilise industry leading solutions and technologies that keeps backing customer data incrementally and continuously.

IT services for your peace of mind

IT backups are replicated to a secure offsite data centres located in Perth and Melbourne providing another layer of security. This whole process is automated so there is no manual intervention required. Backups are constantly being monitored for success or failure and in the case, for whatever reason one is not successful, our helpdesk team gets notified automatically and instantly. This enables us to look at the cause and rectify it in the shortest time possible.

Our services will ensure your files are protected and easily accessible across networks. In the event of lost files, our data recovery services will save the day. You can rest easy knowing your precious documents are safe no matter what happens.

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