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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cloud Computing

02-07-2018 / by Evan Papantoniou / Category: News
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – What it is?

The concept of cloud computing has gained immense popularity in the recent years because of its exceptional features such as flexibility, scalability, and affordability. In simple words, cloud computing offers network-based access to different computing resources in a convenient way using on-demand process. Using this technology requires minimum management effort and it can be implemented and provisioned rapidly.


Start with a Cloud Strategy

It is important to form a cloud strategy before introducing cloud computing to your business. This strategy must be well thought of and formed after thorough consideration.

Understand the Basics of Cloud Technology

Having an understanding of cloud technology basics will help you to know its features and advantages you can derive by implementing cloud computing. Thus, it is important to learn the basics, know its features, and then implement the technology.

Evaluate your Current State

This one is particularly important; make sure you access your current business state i.e. its goals, environment etc. thoroughly before implementing this technology. It is advised to conduct a SWOT analysis as this will help you to obtain maximum benefits of cloud computing.

Evaluate Several Cloud Computing Models

The requirements of every business, when it comes to cloud computing, are different. Therefore, it is important to consider several cloud computing models, evaluate their pros and cons, and select the one that suits your business requirements and specification.

Consider your Finances

Another important factor when implementing cloud technology in your business is to consider your finances. The initial cost of its implementation can greatly disturb your budget depending on the model you have selected and numerous other factors. Hence, consider your finances and take the decision accordingly.

Remember Risk and Compliance

Implementation of the latest technology doesn’t come without its share of risks. Therefore, have a deep understanding of risks and regulation compliance before you implement this technology.


Don’t ban Internal Hosting on Principle

Hiring cloud computing services for implementing this technology doesn’t imply that you need to stop relying on in-house hosting. It can save you from landing in a stressful situation if an issue with the cloud computing has surged up. You will not have to rely on third-party companies that offer cloud computing services and get the issue resolved without any delays.

Don’t try to build your own Cloud

Private cloud is beneficial. However, if you are relying on third-party cloud computing services, having a private cloud can prove to be wastage of resources.

Don’t Gloss over the Details

Moving to the cloud technology can be an exciting journey for your business. However, for a smooth transition, you need to ensure that you are investigating all the details of the ‘move’ and are having a thorough understanding of each aspect.

Don’t Delay

Cloud computing technology implementation is the need of the hour for every business to survive and sustain in the cut-throat competition. Thus, do not make any more delays, make a plan for implementation of this technology, and execute it with the help of professionals.

A Final Word

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